We exist to unite students, businesses, nonprofits, and community groups by sharing our stories and voices, so we may understand, embrace, and empower each other to become a more integrated community.


Now that school is back in session, we will have a panel discussion about the school-to-prison pipeline. We will discuss the harsh policies in education, the explicit and unconscious biases our society has particularly towards black and brown minors that lead to a path of incarceration, and ways that we can individually and collectively disrupt systems. Use our Eventbrite link to learn more about the event.

Open to the public. Event is free with Eventbrite RSVP. Bring a friend, bring a neighbor, bring a student. Let's build community!

Community Conversation: Mental Health

Thursday, Nov 8th 6:30pm


Who We Serve


Young people (18-24 years old) that are motivated to seek change in the Austin community, and within their own lives. Career and college bound aspiring agents of change from diverse ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds will join together to build relationships, teamwork, social consciousness, professional and personal development.


We partner with local nonprofits, start-ups, schools, community groups, and businesses that want to maximize their social impact to the Austin community and beyond. Adult allies will have the opportunity to share their personal & professional stories, and mentor the BRAVE-makers to gain a better understanding of fields, majors and career choices.

Social Issues

Four of the main social issues that we will address:
1. Economic empowerment/job opportunities
2. Battling prejudice, racism, stereotypes, and discrimination
3. Health, fitness, nutrition
4. Understanding and improving the Social & Criminal Justice systems/Breaking the school-to-prison pipelines.

How We Do It

1. From mid-Jan to early May, 2018, young people (18-24 y.o.) from different backgrounds, will come together to participate in a hands-on, experiential leadership & community engagement training program. We will equip the BRAVE-makers to be courageous in loving themselves, others, and their local and global communities.
2. We’ve partnered with leaders of some of Austin’s top businesses, non-profits, schools, and community groups, that are tackling social and civic issues. They will share their personal & professional stories, and serve as mentors to the BRAVE-makers.
3. Then, the BRAVE-makers will collectively decide and advocate for a social issue they want to address, and will create and organize a community event to bring awareness, engagement and change to the cause(s).
4. To learn more and apply for the Spring 2018 program: http://bit.ly/2iIXZHL

Our Purpose

- To bring awareness to more people, particularly the next generation, so that they may understand, learn, grow, and take action on social issues, on a local and global level.
- To be aware and support local businesses, non-profits and community groups that are creating change in our city. We want to build intercultural and intergenerational relationships in our city.
- To equip young people with better interpersonal and professional skills. Through advocacy and events planning, BRAVE-makers will gain competencies ranging from: project and time management, financial literacy/budgeting, supplier/vendor relations, negotiation, marketing, branding, PR/promotions, strategic & analytical thinking, cross-cultural, customer service, and teambuilding.

How Am I Able to Learn More?