We exist to connect students, businesses, nonprofits, and community groups together by sharing our stories and voices, so we may understand, embrace, and empower each other to become a more inclusive community.

Come join the 3rd Annual BRAVE Fest! A commUNITY celebration of love, diversity, inclusion, and loving our neighbors in Austin, Texas! All performance acts will be family-friendly. And, there will be a Kids Empowerment area with games and activities for kids of all ages.

$25/adult, $10/students, FREE <6 y.o.

3rd Annual BRAVE Fest

Sunday, April 5th, 2-6pm at
Spider House Ballroom - 2908 Fruth St.

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Who We Serve

Youth Leadership & Social Change

We strengthen, empower, and equip young people as agents for change in their lives and in the world. We train the next generation to be compassionate and critical thinkers. We design and facilitate young leaders locally, as well as emerging leaders from around the world to come to Austin on International Exchanges supported by the U.S. Department of State.

Community Collaboration

We partner with local nonprofits, start-ups, schools, community groups, cultural centers, businesses, and the public sector that want to maximize their social impact to the Austin community and beyond. Adult allies will have the opportunity to share their personal & professional stories to the community, especially the next generation.

BRAVE Communities Conversations

We host monthly community events to have dialogue about social issues. Topics include:
-Battling systemic racism, prejudices, biases, stereotypes, and discrimination
-Immigration & Refugee Rights
-Understanding and reforming the Social & Criminal Justice systems/Breaking the school-to-prison pipelines.
-Public health, fitness, nutrition

How We Do It

- From June to November, 2019 five BRAVE Young Women Leaders will participate in a six-month hands-on, leadership & community organizing program.
- We’ve partnered with Rosa Parks museum in Montgomery, AL and will attend their social justice day camp as the BRAVE-Makers' welcome retreat, as well as visit EJI's Legacy Museum and other Civil Rights historic sites.
-In Austin, the BRAVE-Makers will receive hands-on workshop training designed to empower their critical thinking, conflict-resolution, community organizing, and communication skills.
-To learn more and apply for the Summer/Fall 2019 program: http://bit.ly/BRAVEProgramDetails

Our Purpose

- To bring awareness to more people, particularly the next generation, so that they may understand, learn, grow, and take action on social issues, on a local and global level.
- To be aware and support local businesses, non-profits and community groups that are creating change in our city. We want to build intercultural and intergenerational relationships in our city.
- To equip young people with better interpersonal and professional skills. Through advocacy and events planning, BRAVE-makers will gain competencies ranging from: project and time management, financial literacy/budgeting, supplier/vendor relations, negotiation, marketing, branding, PR/promotions, strategic & analytical thinking, cross-cultural, customer service, and teambuilding.

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