Our mission is to cultivate BRAVE spaces for diverse people to come together and Build Relationships Awareness Voices Engagement so we can co-create connections for more just and equitable communities.

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May 31st 6PM-7:30pM (CT)

Join us as we discuss the impacts of Anti-Asian racism and help us combat the stigma against seeking out care for your mental health, which prevents many communities of color from getting the help they need and most importantly deserve. Listen and learn from our panelists as they discuss their experiences and knowledge. Q&A session will be held at the end of the discussion.
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Who We Serve

Youth Leadership & Social Change

We attract diverse groups of young women and gender-expansive youth. These participants develop leadership skills and gain hands-on experience over the course of a summer (Makers) or an academic-year (Ambassadors) of weekly trainings, group projects and events. The graduates then continue to affect change in their communities, having an increased understanding of and commitment to social justice and racial equity.

Community Collaboration

We partner with local nonprofits, start-ups, schools, community groups, cultural centers, businesses, and the public sector that want to maximize their social impact to the Austin community and beyond. Multi-generational allies will have the opportunity to share their personal & professional lived experiences to the community, especially the next generation.

BRAVE Communities Conversations

We host monthly community events to have dialogue about social issues. Topics include:
-Battling systemic racism, prejudices, biases, stereotypes, and discrimination
-Immigration & Refugee Rights
-Understanding and reforming the Social & Criminal Justice systems/Breaking the school-to-prison pipelines.
-Public health, fitness, nutrition

How We Do It

- BRAVE Communities offers a virtual training program for emerging young women leaders, called “BRAVE-Makers (summer) and BRAVE Ambassadors” (academic-year 2021/22).
- This program will equip female-identifying young people based in the USA, ages 14-18 (inclusive) year-old, to be leaders and activators for social justice, racial equity, and civic engagement.
- Ambassadors will be equipped with leadership and personal development skills and have the opportunities for hands-on experiences to launch a successful social impact project.
-Our workshops will explore the question: “How can you make a BRAVE difference in your community?”

Our Purpose

- To engage more people, particularly the next generation, so that they may understand, learn, grow, and take action on social issues, on a local and global level.
- To build intercultural and intergenerational relationships between businesses, non-profits and community groups, so we may collectively create change in our city.
- To equip young people with better interpersonal and professional skills. Through advocacy and events planning, BRAVE-makers will gain competencies ranging from: project and time management, financial literacy/budgeting, supplier/vendor relations, negotiation, marketing, branding, PR/promotions, strategic & analytical thinking, cross-cultural, customer service, and teambuilding.

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BRAVE Communities is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. 

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